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Liam is a tall, young man with long blonde hair and a slender build. When meeting Ijin, he dons long pants and a simple jacket. During flashbacks of Ijin's escape, he is also seen wearing military garb including a shemagh.


He is shown laughing with 032 and Ijin during a flashback showing them around a fire taking a break. Though having a mostly cold personality tempered by his mercenary training, he is caring when it comes to those important to him as shown when he let Ijin escape the camp and going through great lengths to rescue 032 from a group of mercenaries.


Liam is one of the numbered and is among the elite fighters trained at the mercenary camp where Yu Ijin grew up. He is shown to able to go head to head with Ijin and hold his own although Ijin did have a broken rib and heavy bruising. Ijin and Liam teamed up to save 032 from a group of mercenaries and discovered another numbered(004) was there and had already killed all the mercenaries.


Yu Ijin- He spent a lot of time with Ijin during their days at the camp and was the reason Ijin was able to escape. After meeting Ijin, he realized he considered him a close friend and that is why he let him go. He also cares for Ijin because after they rescue a heavily injured 032, he refuses Ijin's help because he doesn't want Ijin's family to get involved.

032- Liam considers him to be family and goes through great lengths to keep him safe like when he let 032 believe he was dead because if he tried to contact him it could have compromised them both.

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